Racing the Nintendo Way

What happens when company core values merge with Nintendo nostalgia? A Life-Size Mario Kart Race, of course! Last month, the Fool’s Office Operations & Events team designed a flawless human racetrack, where employees cheered on versions of Princess Peach, Mario, Yoshi, and more. September’s Life-Size Mario Kart Race exemplified “good, cheap fun,” from the homemade costumes (and karts!) to our creative winners’ trophies. Though it wasn’t planned around team-building, this event certainly managed to fire up competitive spirits.

Brainstorming takes minimal effort, plus collaborating with coworkers is fun! Until last month, this idea lived on a huge Trello backlog, where Office Ops tracks small and large-scale events. Writing down ideas is part of a process that could lead to more wins at your organization, too. Something that might sound crazy (like a human Nintendo race) could turn into the year’s best event!

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