Spooky October Office Traditions

Halloween is one of The Motley Fool’s most celebrated traditions. Office decor is always top-notch, plus creative costumes bring Foolishness to life in brand-new ways.

Halloween is only one day, yet the anticipation ramps up long before October 31. For example, our Horror Fan Club hosts a movie night every weekday in October, and shows films including Hocus Pocus, Get Out, Jeepers Creepers, and more.

By the end of October, most Fools are more than ready to get dressed up. The photo of our CFO dressed as a killer clown remains legendary.

Spooky surprises aside, Halloween gives the opportunity for Fools’ families to visit HQ. During afternoon trick or treating from desk to desk, mini-Fools can check out the workplace and meet Mom or Dad’s coworkers.

Halloween creates a special kind of company-wide excitement year after year. Here are a few favorites from The Motley Fool’s culture vault:

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