How to Create Moments That Matter

My first day at The Motley Fool started with the “LEEdership and Business Tour.” The idea that a high-ranking exec (Lee Burbage, who heads up the TMF People team) would take time to tour new hires around the building felt really special. Although I entered the professional world long before the Fool, this tour remains a “peak moment” in my career.

A peak moment is defined as “what dominates a memory.” As it turns out, a new hire’s experience should be all about these types of moments. There’s a direct correlation between employee retention and onboarding and, according to research provided by SHRM, “…66 percent of companies with onboarding programs claimed a higher rate of successful assimilation of new hires into company culture, 62 percent had higher time-to-productivity ratios, and 54 percent reported higher employee engagement.”

Peak moments are on the minds of many Fools after hearing Dan Heath, co-author of The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact, speak at our recent company retreat. Heath touched on the importance of other onboarding experiences, like special touches that John Deere has incorporated. “Invest in some remarkable moments because that’s what people cling to,” Heath said. He added that not every moment has to be magical, but advised to “focus on the fun, spontaneous moments.”

Heath’s book illustrates four elements that can contribute to peak status: Elevation, Pride, Insight, and Connection. Our “LEEdership and Business Tour” speaks to more than one of these elements, which is why it continues to be a Fool onboarding staple. Another new(er) tradition involves sending a customized survey before a new hire’s first day. Answers provide insight into the Fool’s personality, which our recruiters use to deck out a desk with favorite things. The team also incorporated a “New Fool Cart” to familiarize new employees with the office and introduce Fools from across the business. There’s also a customized “New Fool Survival Kit,” which is waiting at the front desk on the Fool’s first day.

Moments matter, but they can often be missed. If the opportunity is recognized, anyone has the power to create a defining moment. What’s yours?

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