Defining Fooliversaries

By Amy Dykstra, Director of First Impressions & Laurie Street, External Communications

Employees share more time with co-workers than family, so it’s important to keep a positive morale flowing throughout the workplace. Long tenures aren’t unusual here, and survey feedback suggests that we’re on the right track to keeping Fools for life. According to 2017 Culture Amp results, 79% of full-time employees communicated intent to stay with us for (at least) another two years.

Fooliversaries recognize every employee’s original date of hire. Co-founders David and Tom Gardner play active roles in Fooliversary planning, and the People Team stays accountable for rolling this tradition from year to year.

All About the Experience
We see each year as a new opportunity to create memories. In keeping with David Gardner’s original vision of Fooliversaries, we continue to emphasize experiences rather than physical gifts. Rewards change with each Fooliversary, and fall into categories like splurging on a great meal; learning a new hobby; taking a trip; or donating to a beloved charity. The monetary gift increases with time.

What does a Fooliversary Look Like?

Fooliversary celebrations always start with a bang. The morning of, a group of People Team Fools waits to call out “Happy Fooliversary,” leaving behind a numbered balloon at the honored Fool’s desk. Each balloon comes with a card, which describes the Fool’s reward based on tenure. These balloons last for a while, serving up plenty of opportunities for coworkers to stop by and celebrate.

Evolving the Tradition

During his visit to Fool HQ last November, author Dan Heath discussed the value of a moment. Consider this: “Within any given span of experience, then, some moments will always be vastly more meaningful and memorable than others. As recipients of experiences, we understand this, but as creators of experiences, we ignore it. We’re not very good at investing in such moments.”

Employees enjoy testing new ideas, even with a project as beloved as this one. Fools apply the company’s mission to “invest better” across our business and, thanks to Dan Heath, we implemented a new element to in-office Fooliversary celebrations. Complementing the balloons, a second card lists our Fooliversary Hotline number. Upon dialing in, Fools are connected with our “Fooliversary Concierge,” who lists prizes and offers to deliver one of them personally. Many Fools choose to share by requesting delivery during a meeting or huddle to include fellow Fools.

A tenured Fool recently wrote to our People Team Lead that Fooliversaries are “and will always be, my favorite Foolish perk. Every year they give me an excuse to travel with my family and when I look back on all of things we have been able to do together…wow. The highlights of my life, to be honest.”

Bottom Line
Fooliversaries are frequent, happy reminders of the Fool’s appreciation for its employees. We strive to make every year something to look forward to. In fact, our company has a significant Fooliversary coming up – the big 25! Even more, this tradition exemplifies the mutual benefits of long-term investing. Core values are in action everyday, and Fooliversaries celebrate the individuals who are passionate about helping the world invest – better.

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