Moms Make Happy Employees

Maintaining a leading edge on employee benefits has made The Motley Fool a great place to work over the last two decades. Flexible schedules were a perk from the start, and we’re compassionate when it comes to personal needs. Family comes first, no matter what’s on a Fool’s work plate. Says one employee, “I appreciate the flexibility of working here – TMF starts with trust, assuming the best of us, that we will perform well and be able to assess work/life balance for our own situations. I appreciate the support system around parents – the #fool-parents Slack channel, the mommy room, kid-stuff exchanges, and just the supportive parental community we have here.”

The Motley Fool is among the  minority of private sector employers that offers paid maternity leave. In addition to an already flexible schedule, The Fool offers 16 weeks paid leave to new Moms. Fool moms are one of our most highly engaged employee groups, with 88% saying they will be here in 2 years.

Happiness is what The Motley Fool wants for all employees, and feedback impacts every area of our business. Additional weeks of paid maternity leave came as a direct result from internal action for change. It turns out that Foolish Moms are happier than other Fools. Two notable stats from our most recent company-wide Engagement Survey:

Most days I leave work feeling great: 81% agree or strongly agree, +14 pp over other Fools
I am proud to work at The Motley Fool: 96% agree or strongly agree, +11 pp over other Fools

In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s what a few Fools had to say about working at The Motley Fool:

“I’m thankful I work for the Fool because of the trust the Fool shows me to do my job well. This allows me to ensure I remain efficient with my time, yet allows for flexibility in maintaining a work-life balance. Supporting me both at work and outside of work gives me the encouragement and care to succeed at my job.”

“I think the best thing about being a mom here is being able to do the things I need to do schedule wise- I’m not worried about coming in an hour late to take him to a doctor’s appointment or staying home for a day if he’s sick because we have such a generous leave policy.”

“More than anything, I value the time I had at home with my little guy while on family leave. Adjusting to life with a newborn was way harder (but also way more rewarding!) than I could have ever anticipated. They try to prep you for that in all the baby books but you don’t really get it until you’re sent home with a tiny human to keep alive, without much instruction. Having supportive co-workers and a boss that let me focus on figuring out how to be a mom, without pressure to plug back in before I was ready, was amazing. And having the flexibility to transition back the way I wanted to (attending a few meetings here and there) was super helpful to our family.”

May is all about Moms, but The Fool offers great paternity benefits, too. And more good news: we’re hiring!  Check out our open positions, and follow Fool Culture on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

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