Storytelling Celebrates Fool Culture

Every few years, The Fool hosts “Fireside Chats” to honor our culture. The company’s upcoming 25th anniversary seemed like the perfect reason for another edition, which was hosted last month. Content about The Motley Fool typically isn’t hard to find, but some stories slip through the cracks. With more new hires every year, it’s important to keep The Fool’s heritage alive.

Shared experiences are known to impact employee engagement and special touches by the People Team transformed HQ’s auditorium into a (company) campground where Fools could gather. Last month’s Fireside Chat was recorded for remote enjoyment, though in-person details made the experience complete. Fools mingled around campfire snacks beforehand, then settled into cozy seating for the show.

The 2018 Fireside Chat agenda was shaped around “stories over the years.” Adding more excitement to the event were stories from both Gardner brothers, who took the stage to review 25 years of Foolishness together.

Here’s a story that you may not know. In June 1993, The Gardners used addresses from a cousin’s wedding invitation list to mail The Fool’s first financial advice newsletter.

As the world’s top online investing community, The Motley Fool’s vault contains plenty of success stories. We’ve innovated with time, but lessons always come with challenges. Perhaps former stories and traditions can inspire new ideas!

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