Mini-Fools Take HQ

By Amber Knutson, Junior Software Developer

This year’s Take Your Kid to Work Day gave mini-Fools a glimpse into the inner workings of our company. Core values came alive with activities that incorporated collaboration, innovation and, of course, Foolishness. Between magic tricks, a pizza feast, and trolleying the office by train, kids were also guided through the process of creating a webpage.

Forty-five minutes was all it took to learn how much fun work can be. For the webpage project, children were separated into four groups: the smallest worked with our Multimedia team to create a video, while four-year-olds designed and recolored logos. Five and six-year-olds designed site layouts, and the seven to ten-year-olds became developers by writing a JavaScript checklist for the webpage.

Check out the finished product – especially that neat checklist developed by our JavaScript developers-in-training! And for behind-the-scenes snapshots, plus all the kid-designed logos and layouts, click here.

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