April Fool’s Postscript

The Motley Fool has been running an April Fool’s Day joke for 26 years. We would even venture to guess that we were the first company to pull an online prank on this annual celebration of jesting. And fun fact – it was actually part of our company’s founding. Always with a Foolish twist, our jokes contain a hidden message or lesson for our readers.

This year, our People Team took a moment to poke some fun at the automated world of recruiting. While we understand and appreciate the uses of automation technology, when it comes to finding our newest Fools, we believe that human interaction is still an utmost necessary part of the entire hiring process. We review every resume, cover letter (traditional, comic strip, YouTube video, etc.), questionnaire answer, completed test, and application. We don’t scrape resumes for keywords or build algorithms to process resumes in bulk. We really do pride ourselves on truly connecting with our applicants. Job searching and applying to opportunities is stressful enough without having to deal with bots!

The Fool also has a longer, high touch interview process. It’s important to us that our applicants get a real sense of who we are and how they will be working with us on a day-to -day basis. After all, we want this to be the last job you will ever have. Yup! We hope to hire for life.
So, keep an eye on our jobs page on our careers website, apply for any roles that sing to you, and know we will read everything you send our way. And, hopefully, we’ll meet you in-person one day too. Fool on, humans!

The Motley Fool is rapidly growing, and all across the business, we’re hiring. A lot.

To keep up with our higher (or should we say hire?) pace of recruiting, The Motley Fool is transitioning to HIPster, a new recruiting platform created internally. Effective immediately (like right now), the Foolish Recruiting Team will be using a proprietary algorithm embedded within HIPster to evaluate qualified candidates in a more effective, and almost perfect, manner of hiring.

A New Way-ve of Hiring

New faces were quickly filling our offices worldwide, so we decided to analyze overall internet and social media usage of every employee to better connect tenured and newer Fools. Interestingly, we found a statistically significant and direct correlation between our most successful employees and what we now refer to as “Having Internet Points” or “HIP” for short. After this new discovery, we developed a unique approach to how we hire Foolishly, and we’re excited to finally put it into action starting today.

It’s simple! Moving forward, all applicants will be ranked using a formula that calculates each individual’s HIP value. The higher your HIP, the more likely you’ll be hired! (You’re more likely to be more successful with a higher HIP value after all.) Here is the formula:

Candidate HIP Value =

[(Total # of Instagram Likes)*(Total # of Facebook Likes)*(Total # of Imgur Upvotes)] * [(Total # of Zoombie Stars)*(Total # of Slack :fire: Emoji)] – [(LinkedIn Profile Views) + π]

We found that these internet metrics had the biggest impact on HIP valuations, and by combining all of them into one simple formula, we are able to appropriately place candidates within HIPster into the below HIP ranges to make clearer and better informed hiring decisions.

Candidate HIP ValueHiring Decision Made
1993 and aboveAutomatic full-time offer to candidate
1235 to 1992Temp-to-Hire offer to candidate
315 to 1234Internship offer to candidate
94 to 314Ask to apply again after improving HIP value
Below 93Declination letter sent via snail mail

And that’s it!

You may be wondering why the total number of followers a candidate has aren’t included in the formula. Well, we actually do factor in a candidate’s following prestige on various platforms using a secret second formula within HIPster. Unfortunately, at this time, further information about said secret formula is non-public, and our Legal Team has advised us to change the subject whenever someone asks about it.

The era of resumes with work experience, interesting cover letters, and in-person interviews is long over. From our initial research, we know that we do not need to actually interact with candidates to make smart hiring decisions. In fact, also starting today, new employees will not interact with other Fools until their third day of employment, when they have fully immersed themselves in our tech systems and become experts in their roles.

As we move into this faster-paced hiring, HIPster, one simple formula, and AI-generated data will allow us to hire quickly and Foolishly. We wholeheartedly welcome this new stage of recruiting and are ready to see how today’s choices affect the tomorrow of our growing company.

HIP, HIP, hooray, Fools!

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