No Fooling: We Really Do Have a New Logo

Today is an exciting day for us. It happens to be The Motley Fool’s birthday, and — maybe you already noticed — things are looking a little different around here. At the top corner of our site, instead of the smiling jester (we called him Elvis), you’ll see this:

Yes, we have a new logo. At this exact moment, you’re trying to decide whether you like it or not. That’s fair. We get it. Change is hard. Give it a chance, and we promise it’ll grow on you as it did us.

Why the new look? Every logo needs a bit of spiffing up over time to stay current — cleaner lines, more modern colors, etc. But we had a bigger reason that spurred us roughly a year ago to make a change. When many people looked at our old logo, they failed to see something very important: themselves. 

Elvis was created to represent the jester of yore who could, through humor, speak the truth to the king or queen without having his head lopped off. That appealed to us as we sought to speak truth about Wall Street and level the playing field for all to invest and grow their wealth.

Being fans of Shakespeare ourselves, we had his classic characters such as Touchstone and Will Sommers in mind — characters often portrayed as male and Caucasian. But this same character, the jester, can be found in many diverse cultures around the world, and it isn’t exclusively the domain of blue-eyed men. The notion of using humor and good storytelling to spread truth is global. And so is The Motley Fool. 

We decided our logo should reflect the vibrancy, inclusivity, and humor of our Foolish community. By focusing on the jester cap with our new logo, we hope more people can imagine donning the hat and seeing themselves as Fools, too. 

When we bring together employees, entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and innovators from every community around the world, we all benefit. The world and the markets operate best when the opportunities for growth, impact, and prosperity are clearly available to all.

We want to give a huge thanks to Luke Hayman and his team at the international design consultancy Pentagram, who collaborated with us on the new logo, which transforms Elvis’ jester cap into an iconic symbol for The Motley Fool. 

Again, we really can’t overstate this: While our look has changed, our purpose remains the same. The Motley Fool is here to make the world smarter, happier, and richer. 

We are committed to helping ensure that our employees, our members, our future members, and our fellow humans are safer, treated fairly, and given every opportunity to live out their true potential. This idea is more important than ever: Anyone can learn to invest for a better future, whether in their business, in the stock market, or in themselves.

Thank you for suffering Fools gladly over the past 27 years. We hope you’ll join us in looking to the future with our new logo! Fool on!

PS: We have a new store where you can get Motley Fool T-shirts, baseball hats, and more. 

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