Isn’t This Blog Just Bragging?

At the Fool we believe people should have the freedom to follow their passion every day in roles they love. We work hard to understand the needs of our employees and deliver for them. We are confident that this in turn makes a great business.MotleyFoolDay1358 Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers who in turn take care of shareholders.

We think every company should do the same. Yup, we are just that ambitious.  Our hope is that this site provides some insight into how we roll. Hopefully there are people out there reading, learning, and applying the things we’ve developed to make work fun and effective.  If just one person out there has a better life because of a program of ours they’ve adapted then, well, we’ve failed.  But, if every person in the world loves their job then we should totally get some kind of trophy or letter suitable for framing.

7 thoughts on “Isn’t This Blog Just Bragging?

  1. LOL, to answer the question posed by the title of this blog, I would have to say the answer is a definite ‘NO’ – this blog is definitely not just bragging. It’s probably not bragging at all because there is no sense of arrogance in your work. And your stated mission above is all about helping as many people as possible be happy and productive. That goal alone removes your work from simply being about bragging! Well done you! You deserve much more than just a trophy or letter of praise. Here’s hoping that knowing you are accomplishing good things is at least (or most?) of great value to you all.

  2. Hey – LOL – you really got me on the Monday April 1, 2013 article re ‘This is not working’ – I didn’t read this email until today, April 4th so I was NOT in the April Fool’s Day mode any longer. Good work

  3. In my personal writings, I’ve noted:

    “Passion claims its own freedom lest it wither into work.”

    “To leap courageously into blind faith is to allow the wings of your ideas to take you up.”

    I firmly believe these precepts. In fact, I wake each morning looking for their taproot. And upon hitting it, find energies that come only through Providence.

    The Motley Fool is light years ahead of the pack in understanding how to stimulate and harness the collective energies of people free to work who are working freely. In the best sense, The Motley Fool is a true R& D: Reach— Search & Develop.

  4. I’d hate to be the one to point this out as I was very interested in this company BUT (and I could very well be wrong) just from an HR perspective so far the pictures I have seen on the website and from Google does not imply that this is a culturally diverse company which comes off as a little discouraging to other nationalities, individuals with disabilities etc.. that may want to apply. Are they EOE compliant? On a lighter note, I do like the ambition. My only recommendation would be to please show people you welcome diversity.

    1. Seaton, your point re diversity is both understandable and appreciated by this writer. Yet, I also offer the notion that expecting to see diversity can be viewed as the result of “conditioning” by today’s relentless preoccupation with the calculated — and thus, less than genuine — science of showing, witnessing, evidencing, and proving how remarkably diverse a company knows it should be.

      Are there not far too many contrived company websites, brochures, profile publications, etc. featuring those all-too-familiar, staged group shots that are dripping with predictability in their attempt to include every facet of recognizable diversity?

      I proffer that a company that offers candid shots — along with deliberately composed photos — while making no attempt to doctor these pics to satisfy some prescribed socio-political “norm,” is a company completely confident in its communal spontaneity, inclusivity, and honesty.

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