Student Investing Seminar March 2

Here at the Fool, we frequently get asked what we look for when we recruit for investing talent. While our analysts come from all types of backgrounds and have all kinds of letters after their names:  CFAs, MBAs, PHd’s, school of life.   We love the diversity of experience.     That said, we did notice one pattern for success we see often: students, especially liberal arts students, who were involved in their college investing clubs.

So every March we have been hosting the Fools of the Roundtable seminar for Student Investors.  We invite local college investing clubs in from the area  who are interested in investing to have a Q&A with our advisors, maybe a few games, some food, and some time to chat.  Both of our Foolish founders, Tom and David Gardner, (both liberal arts majors!)  take time out of their busy schedules to join the fun.    We are excited to grow the love for investing starting at a young age and are always excited to meet with local college investing clubs and all other types of students.

If you’re interested in attending, it’s on March 2 at 2pm at our office.  You can register here until February 27th.