The Interns’ Verdict – Summer 2014

It was an awesome summer, but I’ll leave it to our 2014 interns to tell you more about it. Applications aren’t yet open for 2015, but be sure to look back in early December for more info! And don’t forget to check out our blog – – to learn about what’s going on at The Motley Fool.

Women Investing Foolishly: Spend part of your winter break at FoolHQ!

Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl

If you’re a college student looking for an investment lesson from a woman who is buddies with Warren Buffett, The Motley Fool has an opportunity for you.

You might not know it from watching CNBC, but women are better investors than men. It’s true — we’re wired for it. LouAnn Lofton knows that, and so does Warren Buffett — LouAnn is the author of Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl, and Buffett is the master investor who inspired her on that very book.

What’s the secret? As Forbes puts it, “like Buffett, women are more likely to have a calm temperament, a longer-term outlook, do more research, trade less and remain steady under pressure.” (Forbes also notes, “What does Buffett think about the claim? ‘I plead guilty,‘ he said.”)

The Motley Fool wants to find the next Buffett … and we’ve learned that too few women get started in a career in investing.

That’s why we’re paying all expenses for five young women who think they’re Foolish enough to invest “like a girl” and against the crowd. Our “Women Investing Foolishly” program January 6-8 at Motley Fool headquarters in Alexandria, Va., will feature classes taught by members of our top-rated investment analysis team; a lunch hosted by LouAnn Lofton; and (we repeat) all travel expenses paid.   

Apply here to tell us why you want to be there!

“Foolish Woman (Invest Like a Girl)”

To the tune of “Redneck Woman” by Gretchen


Well, I ain’t never

Been the Wall Street-er type

No, I can’t pay full-service fees.

I’d rather invest myself

In a small cap

Or in an ETF

Or in a Roth 401(k).

I’ve got posters on my wall

Of Bogle, Graham, and Price.

Some people may question me

But take it to the bank…

I’ll beat the market with The Motley Fool in its Investing Workshop.


‘Cause I’m a Foolish woman.

I don’t trade reck-less-ly.

If I just invest like a girl, I’ll…

Say “Buy now” and “Spiffy pop!”

And I’ll keep my funds invested

Through vol’tility all year lo


‘Cause I’ll know all the ways for multiplying my money.

So here’s to all my sisters out there staying rational,

Let me get a big “Fool yeah” from the Foolish girls like me. Fool yeah!

Fancy, private hedge funds…

Well, their stuff seems nice

But I can get better returns

And help my family (yes, my family)In a discount broker account

When they ask at Thanksgiving.

No, I don’t need no Buffett brain to reach finance safety.

It might seem esoteric,

A little too hardcore,

But in my neck of the woods

I’m better than ol’ “Warr!”



Introducing the Blog Network Campus Challenge: Write for The Fool and Win!

Blog Network

Blog Network

By Mark Reeth
Motley Fool Blog Editor

Join us for the Campus Challenge!

A few months ago I, like many people around the country, graduated from college full of hope and confidence, knowing that a prosperous career lay right in front of me.  Scrooge McDuck-esque piles of money awaited me, and the world was sepia-toned and fancy free.

Of course I, like many people around the country, realized that getting a job is a lot tougher than it looks.  To kill time between rejection letters from prospective employers, I began blogging for The Motley Fool, a site I’d often referred back to during my college career.  The gig was easy; for $50 per post I could write to my heart’s content about any company of my choosing and The Fool would syndicate my work to sites like Daily Finance and Yahoo! Finance.

If only I’d started doing this back in college, I’d think.  Imagine how nice that would’ve been—$50 per post can go a long way towards beer and pizza…I mean textbooks.  Through The Fool’s syndication sites I could’ve gotten my name out there, and built a portfolio of work that would’ve gone great with all those resumes I’d sent out.

Now that I work at The Fool as a Blog Editor, it’s clear to me that the opportunity to write for a site like The Fool would have been invaluable back in college.  Keeping this in mind, we here at the Blog Network have come up with a great way to get college students writing.  Please allow me to introduce the first ever Campus Challenge!

A Call to Arms for the Battle of the Blogs!

The premise is simple; in order to encourage college students who are interested in finance to begin working in the industry, we’ve created the Campus Challenge.  Any undergrad or graduate students who love investing will write for the Blog Network as part of a school team.  Each team will be awarded points based on the quality of their posts, with bonuses for articles that are chosen as Editor’s Choice, among other commendations. At the end of the Challenge, three competitors will join Chris Hill and the Motley Fool Radio Show at American University’s Kogod School of Business to present their best investing ideas to the radio show team.  At this final event, the highest scoring team will be crowned the Challenge Champions, and will win a fabulous Grand Prize!

So if you’re a college student looking for to way into the financial world, if you know a broke college student who knows how to invest, or if you’re a concerned parent who wants their kid to find a job and move out of the basement (like mine were), then this is the opportunity for you!  The Challenge begins on January 22nd and goes until March 7th, which means you’ve got plenty of time to find some fellow students to blog with you.  And don’t worry, even if you want to participate but can’t put together a team at your college or university, we’ll be awarding plenty of individual prizes throughout the competition.

Honor, glory, and riches await the best blogging team!  For more information about the Campus Challenge, you can email, or drop me a line at  And if you just want to be a blogger, check out and get writing!

Fool On!