We’re Looking For Summer 2014 Interns!

Summer at The Fool

Summer at The FoolAre you a college or grad student looking for an amazing summer internship? We’re currently looking for talented, curious, motivated students who want to spend this summer at The Fool! This is an 8-week paid internship where you’ll get to work on great projects with great people…and you’ll never have to wear a tie (unless you lose a bet or something). You’ll work in our Alexandria, VA, office, located just outside of Washington, DC.

If you’re interested in investing, writing, international studies, web analytics, software development, or retention marketing, we want to learn more about you! Find out more about our specific internship openings and submit your application by January 31, 2014.

Want to learn more? Some of last year’s interns were happy to share their Foolish experience!

Paid Summer Internships: They’re Good for Business

Paid Summer Internships

Paid Summer InternshipsI recently interviewed a prospective Fool and, as expected, we dug into his past experiences. Like a lot of young, successful people, he had completed several internships. One in particular jumped out to me. The candidate had a passion for sports and had interned with a Major League Baseball  team. The internship was unpaid, so the candidate held a second job as a coconut milk sample provider at Whole Foods. This role required my candidate to stand behind a table and hand out free milk. In exchange for this task he received a nice salary that enabled him to support himself while working for the baseball team. The unpaid internship was closely tied to his passions of marketing and sports, while the milk salesman job was far from his passion, but paid well.  Ultimately he was able to balance the two jobs but he was left with little time for anything else.

The attitude of the baseball team was the same as a lot of big brands like major newspapers, television stations, or movie producers – you are so lucky to work with such a cool company, that is pay in and of itself  Essentially they are letting you use their brand on your resume while taking advantage of you.

Don’t get me wrong, there is value there for the intern.  But I don’t believe asking a young person to work for free, potentially increasing debt or sacrificing free time for a second job, is good, spiritual business.  Why not double down with a great experience, a great brand, and fair pay for fair work?  At The Fool, we pay all of our interns.  We believe that is simply the right thing to do.  We have plenty of students who would work here for free because, let’s face it, we are pretty cool nerds.  But we want them to have a life outside of our office as well, and to end the summer with some savings.

Are you a college or grad student looking for an amazing paid summer internship experience at The Fool? The deadline to apply is January 4.

Where Are the Women Investors and Techies?

Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl

Warren Buffett Invests Like a GirlIt’s a man’s world. Men lead women in elected offices as well as corner offices in the corporate world. There’s even a song about it.

But as a female in the working world, I can’t help but ask the question – does it have to be that way? Can’t it be a world shared by men and women alike? Can we women not do the same tasks and come up with ideas just as well as men? Don’t worry. I can answer it for you – why yes, yes, we can.

In the male-dominated fields of investing and tech specifically, where are all the women?

Yes, I know they are out there, but the numbers are small. Those powerhouse women in those two industries get picked up by large companies that can pay them the big bucks, and they should. More power to them. Call me crazy, but don’t there HAVE to be women out there that want to work for a company with an amazing purpose, who want a work/life balance, and who want to come to a company that values their employees and supports them rather than breaking them down?

I’m putting a casting call – if you will – out there for women who love investing, who love technology, who thrive in the financial world, and who want more from their company than the 9-5 rat race. Who wants to spend 75-100 hours a week working in an environment that runs you down; not to mention the ever-dwindling social life and decreasing amounts of free time that come with that way of life? I’m hoping there are women out there who say, “You know what – there has GOT to be a better way!”

More and more, women are running household budgets, looking in on their stock portfolios, overseeing state and national budgets, and running tech companies. And why shouldn’t there be? Do men have the monopoly on number-crunching and stock-evaluating genes and new tech ideas?

So here is my request to women out there who love the stock market, who love technology, and want to make a difference in the investing world, apply at The Motley Fool (send your information to resumes@fool.com if there is no open position that piques your interest right now). Come and see what all the fuss is about, and maybe our next great investor – as LouAnn Lofton, writer of Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl, says – could, in fact, be a woman. Statistics show that women are better at investing than the other sex. Or we could see the next technological advancement come from – gasp! – a woman!