Love investing? Love writing? You may want to join TMF Blog Network!

The Fool’s blog network was created in 2011 in order to give a voice to the individual investor. There are a number of reasons, let’s say 10, you might want to take part.

10. Show the world (or at least thousands of investors) how smart you are.

9. Get paid $50 for each post you write that we syndicate (ie, send to Yahoo Finance, MSNMoney, AOL Daily Finance, etc.).

8. The potato salad at our Blogger Bonanza at FoolHQ is to die for.

7. How many other financial websites have been referred to as an “ethical oasis”?

6. We want your experience with us to be incredible, so we incorporate your suggestions, we pay twice a month, and we respond quickly (and nicely) to your emails.

5. There’s always a chance we’ll send you a FOOL baseball hat.

4. If you consistently do great stuff for us, we’ll bump you to $100 per post.

3. Everyone else is doing it.

2. Roughly 20 people who started in the blogs have joined us as contract writers or in-house Fools.

1. You will join The Motley Fool in our mission to help the world invest. Better.


Interested?  Go here to apply.