Bunnies at the Office: A Creative Way to Make Employees Happy


BunniesI  often get requests to allow dogs, more fish tanks, and various other ideas for bringing more animals into FoolHQ. We Fools are mostly animal lovers, and there have been quite a few studies on how animal pictures and presence improve human health. For a number of reasons we can’t have animals in the office, but far be it from me to deny the people what they want. How did we give Fools beneficial animal-hugging time while following the rules? We hosted a bunny party. One might ask: What does a bunny party entail?

After some internet searching, Squeals on Wheels popped up as a local traveling petting zoo. We chose their Bunnies and Buddies package and they brought us bunnies, chicks, a hedgehog, a guinea pig, a tumbling pigeon, and a potbelly pig for two hours. We then picked out delicious bunny-themed snacks: Trix cereal, Annie’s Bunny Grahams, Blue Bunny Ice Cream, carrots and other bunny-beloved veggies.

As soon as noon hit, Fools poured out to the office backyard to marvel at the adorable creatures. I personally fell in love with an incredibly soft Angora rabbit. The event was a wonderful way to see all the love Fools had for various animals. I also liked watching people be patiently excited to hold the creatures. It was a really nice, warm, fuzzy sort of day. The food was delicious, the animals were super sweet, and they brought huge smiles to everyone’s faces. For me it was also rewarding because Angora rabbits are one of my shameless Google search happy places so it was nice to also know what they are like beyond the internet pictures!

I wholeheartedly recommend incorporating animals into the work experience as long as it is a positive one for both people and animals. How can you do this? If you allow your employees to bring pets to the office, you’re already there! But if not, a fun activity like we planned can help. Or just encourage employees to send around links to adorable animal photos. You’ll help improve their focus and productivity, with no risk of allergic reactions!