Self-Awareness and Improvement

Making yourself a better coworker

Making yourself a better coworkerThere are tests upon tests that will tell you whether you are a visionary or a more get-the-task-done person, whether you like to be around others or you like to operate by yourself, and whether you are a person who pays attention to details or you look more toward the big picture, among others.

While some of those are more useful, here at The Fool, we take a few of those tests and use the bigger picture of several test results to tell us more about ourselves and our coworkers.

But why would we do this?

Because we want to know what we are good at, how we learn and interpret information, and how to better ourselves.

One thing we are extremely big on here at The Fool is self-awareness. If you are not aware of more than 3 items you need to work on, then take a good look at yourself through others’ eyes. Step into their shoes and look at yourself from their perspective. Look at how you approach people, how you interact in meetings, and how you solve problems.

You’ve probably heard this before, but I’m going to say it again – sometimes, perception is reality. And you need to know what the perception of you is out in the world, and how you view yourself. If there is a difference there, then there is likely something you need to work on with yourself, or a view that you need to work on changing. And the easiest way to change that is to do more of what is lacking, or do less of what is perceived as a bad behavior.

Starting from the first day as a new Fool, we work with them on getting them immersed in our culture, but also working with them to find out what they are good at, how they learn, and how they perceive their professional environments. We work to coach them on what they need help with and have them takes tests that show us what they need as coworkers to succeed.

At the end of the day, we want to help make each Fool a better Fool, which will in turn, make The Motley Fool a better place.


Do you have any great stories of self-improvement in your professional career? What has helped you? What has hindered you? Comment below.