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Warren Buffett Invests like a Girl: And you can, too.

Here’s a video of the event.  If you’re a frequent reader of the Fool’s culture blog (and you should be), you’ll know that women are better investors than men. That’s not just idle boasting; Forbes magazine and Warren Buffett both agree. Female investors are calmer, we think more long-term,   do more research, and are steadier under pressure […]

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Women Investing Foolishly: Spend part of your winter break at FoolHQ!

If you’re a college student looking for an investment lesson from a woman who is buddies with Warren Buffett, The Motley Fool has an opportunity for you. You might not know it from watching CNBC, but women are better investors than men. It’s true — we’re wired for it. LouAnn Lofton knows that, and so […]

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Fool's Errand

Encourage Employees to Take Much-Needed Vacations

At The Fool we have a “take what you need” vacation policy. When we need a sick day, an extra day to get over jet lag, or to travel on off-peak days, no one in HR is counting our vacation time as long as we get our job done. And that line blurs even more […]

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Lunch and Learn for College Students March 8

Lunch and Learn for College Students March 8 Join our Investing Team for a tour, lunch and some networking time with other student investors. Space is limited, sign up now! 

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Matching hats and outfits not required

The Four Types of Mentors

Our People Coaching team believes that no one mentor size fits all.   We all need different types of mentors to help us through our careers.    We’ve divided our mentors into four categories: 1. A Sounding Board :  This is someone at a similar level to you in a different department. This type of mentor […]

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A Motley Group

Knowing the Score: How do you get feedback?

Over the past two months,  our team has been forming into what is now considered the Fool’s coaching team.  Our CEO, Tom Gardner, has often mentioned that star employees should be like Olympic athletes: having access to coaching and guidance to be at the top of their game.  You know we already really do have […]

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Office Design: What does a great office space look like to you?

Last spring we moved into the newly remodeled 5th floor at our Alexandria headquarters to a nice, clean, mobile office space.  Everything was on wheels.   Our desks, our file cabinets, our whiteboards, and our chairs.    The space was wide open with stations for power on trusses. How did this change our culture?  We […]

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Our Fool Rules

What a Fool Believes

In 1997 a group of Fools sat down to write our Fool Rules, the first draft of our Fool Handbook.   Individuals from across the company pitched in to write different sections, creating our vision for what life inside our office is like. This was before Netflix touted its unlimited vacation policy, and our no dress […]

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Doing More For Employees – It Makes Economical Sense

An oldie, but a goodie from 2008 – take a look at a video from Nightly Business Report that we thought we’d bring back on why we think it’s important to create less stress in the workplace.    

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