No Fooling: We Really Do Have a New Logo

Today is an exciting day for us. It happens to be The Motley Fool’s birthday, and — maybe you already noticed — things are looking a little different around here. At the top corner of our site, instead of the smiling jester (we called him Elvis), you’ll see this:

Yes, we have a new logo. At this exact moment, you’re trying to decide whether you like it or not. That’s fair. We get it. Change is hard. Give it a chance, and we promise it’ll grow on you as it did us.

Why the new look? Every logo needs a bit of spiffing up over time to stay current — cleaner lines, more modern colors, etc. But we had a bigger reason that spurred us roughly a year ago to make a change. When many people looked at our old logo, they failed to see something very important: themselves. 

Elvis was created to represent the jester of yore who could, through humor, speak the truth to the king or queen without having his head lopped off. That appealed to us as we sought to speak truth about Wall Street and level the playing field for all to invest and grow their wealth.

Being fans of Shakespeare ourselves, we had his classic characters such as Touchstone and Will Sommers in mind — characters often portrayed as male and Caucasian. But this same character, the jester, can be found in many diverse cultures around the world, and it isn’t exclusively the domain of blue-eyed men. The notion of using humor and good storytelling to spread truth is global. And so is The Motley Fool. 

We decided our logo should reflect the vibrancy, inclusivity, and humor of our Foolish community. By focusing on the jester cap with our new logo, we hope more people can imagine donning the hat and seeing themselves as Fools, too. 

When we bring together employees, entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and innovators from every community around the world, we all benefit. The world and the markets operate best when the opportunities for growth, impact, and prosperity are clearly available to all.

We want to give a huge thanks to Luke Hayman and his team at the international design consultancy Pentagram, who collaborated with us on the new logo, which transforms Elvis’ jester cap into an iconic symbol for The Motley Fool. 

Again, we really can’t overstate this: While our look has changed, our purpose remains the same. The Motley Fool is here to make the world smarter, happier, and richer. 

We are committed to helping ensure that our employees, our members, our future members, and our fellow humans are safer, treated fairly, and given every opportunity to live out their true potential. This idea is more important than ever: Anyone can learn to invest for a better future, whether in their business, in the stock market, or in themselves.

Thank you for suffering Fools gladly over the past 27 years. We hope you’ll join us in looking to the future with our new logo! Fool on!

PS: We have a new store where you can get Motley Fool T-shirts, baseball hats, and more. 

A More Motley World

Here at The Motley Fool, we embrace “Foolishness” — the uniqueness each of us brings to the table to make our conversations and experiences together that much richer. Our DIBS principles — Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging = Success — encourage Fools to bring our whole selves to work every day, including this month as we celebrate Pride (in a physically distanced but socially connected way!).

The spirit of Foolishness also guides our approach to supporting our employees’ development and well-being — including our top-notch benefits. The Motley Fool is proud of our commitment to support Fools or dependent family members in transition, and to continue offering full health-care coverage to our transgender Fools.

That commitment will not change after last week’s reversal of a 2016 rule in the Affordable Care Act that required health-care workers, hospitals, and insurance companies that receive federal funding to provide or cover care related to gender transition. Our health-care coverage plans remain the same for all Fools, spouses, domestic partners, and dependent family members, and we support our LGBTQIA+ Fools with pride.

We Are Motley: A Message of Solidarity From The Motley Fool

At The Motley Fool, we believe that diverse voices, insights, and expertise fuel innovation and human progress in the marketplace of business, and the world at large.

Our company wants more entrepreneurs, more investors, more leaders, and more innovators from every community around the world. We all benefit. The fact that some voices have been and are marginalized, abused, and silenced for long periods of time is anti-marketplace, anti-growth, and antithetical to everything we believe at The Motley Fool.

We reject racism, inequality of opportunity, hatred, and cruelty.

We will expand our commitment in helping ensure that our employees, our members, our future members, and our fellow humans are safer, treated fairly, and given every opportunity to live out their true potential.

This week, we are allocating $100,000 evenly across our employees for them to support equality, justice, and peace in a way that’s meaningful to them. We encourage everyone to join us in funding organizations that make a priority of fairness, decency, respect, and love for all.

As citizens and investors, we all gain in a world and a business environment that makes it an essential, never-ending priority to treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve. The world and the markets operate best when the opportunities for growth, impact, and prosperity are clearly available to all.

Shakespeare said it best. Motley’s the only wear.

Here’s How The Motley Fool Landed on Inc.’s Best Workplaces List

Our purpose here at The Motley Fool is to make the world smarter, happier, and richer. And that starts with making our own employees (whom we lovingly call “Fools”) smarter, happier, and richer.

Achieving that goal is more important than ever as we all deal with the fallout of COVID-19.

Our purpose isn’t to make Fools work harder, faster, and then even harder (while also homeschooling kids, caring for elders, and contending with anxiety). As our CEO has emphasized during our weekly all-company Zoom meetings, we want all Fools to make their health and safety a higher priority over work.

So imagine how it warmed our hearts when we read this comment in our recent engagement survey:

If crisis reveals character–and I believe it does–then the connections and care I’ve witnessed and been a part of are a testament to the quality of the people at our company. I believe we are unmatched as a collective group of truly good hearted humans.

In all seriousness, we got a little teary-eyed when we read it.

Oh! We also made Inc.’s List of the Best Places to Work. That was nice to read this week, too.

We think we see a connection here. How do you land on Inc.’s Best Workplaces list? Assemble a group of truly good-hearted humans, support them wholly, and trust them to achieve great things together. It’s just that Foolish.


As always, our top priority is the well-being of our employees and the communities we serve, including YOU, our current and prospective job candidates. Here’s what has changed- and what hasn’t- about recruiting at The Motley Fool during this COVID-19 outbreak.

We are continuing to hire globally for our open positions. Yep, the proverbial light is on and we are still reading stacks of resumes every day. Our process has adapted- not quite the “glow up” we were hoping for, but we’re enjoying the challenge. All of our recruiting and onboarding processes are fully virtual. All candidate interviews will take place via phone or Zoom, and we’ve gotten pretty good at onboarding our New Fools remotely, too.

If we have the pleasure of meeting you on Zoom, please pardon the puppy on our lap or the occasional toddler introducing themselves on camera. They’re part of our Fool family, and they’re a little unpredictable. And don’t worry, we know your home might be a little fuller than usual, too. The extra noise and cameo appearances don’t phase us at all. We’re looking forward to meeting you, virtually!

At the Fool: Susan Packard

Ever heard of a little TV network called HGTV? We thought so. Susan Packard, co-founder of HGTV and one of the key media minds behind CNBC, Food Network, The Travel Channel, and more, visited The Fool earlier this month to discuss emotional intelligence and her new book Fully Human. She sat down with Kate Herman, head of Learning and Development at The Fool, leaving the audience with a few key takeaways:

  1. Emotional fitness is all about steadiness, peace of mind, and joy. It’s not just about doing – it’s about being.
  2. Emotional fitness is like physical fitness: You must practice it regularly to develop those muscles.
  3. Three steps to develop emotional fitness as a leader:
    1. You must have a Willingness to gain greater self awareness
    2. Build Trust with your employees
    3. Develop “We Principles” – look beyond your individual needs and desires to the greater good of the whole

Check out Fully Human to learn more about Susan’s take on developing emotional fitness in work, leadership, and life. Happy reading, Fools!

April Fool’s Postscript

The Motley Fool has been running an April Fool’s Day joke for 26 years. We would even venture to guess that we were the first company to pull an online prank on this annual celebration of jesting. And fun fact – it was actually part of our company’s founding. Always with a Foolish twist, our jokes contain a hidden message or lesson for our readers.

This year, our People Team took a moment to poke some fun at the automated world of recruiting. While we understand and appreciate the uses of automation technology, when it comes to finding our newest Fools, we believe that human interaction is still an utmost necessary part of the entire hiring process. We review every resume, cover letter (traditional, comic strip, YouTube video, etc.), questionnaire answer, completed test, and application. We don’t scrape resumes for keywords or build algorithms to process resumes in bulk. We really do pride ourselves on truly connecting with our applicants. Job searching and applying to opportunities is stressful enough without having to deal with bots!

The Fool also has a longer, high touch interview process. It’s important to us that our applicants get a real sense of who we are and how they will be working with us on a day-to -day basis. After all, we want this to be the last job you will ever have. Yup! We hope to hire for life.
So, keep an eye on our jobs page on our careers website, apply for any roles that sing to you, and know we will read everything you send our way. And, hopefully, we’ll meet you in-person one day too. Fool on, humans!

The Motley Fool is rapidly growing, and all across the business, we’re hiring. A lot.

To keep up with our higher (or should we say hire?) pace of recruiting, The Motley Fool is transitioning to HIPster, a new recruiting platform created internally. Effective immediately (like right now), the Foolish Recruiting Team will be using a proprietary algorithm embedded within HIPster to evaluate qualified candidates in a more effective, and almost perfect, manner of hiring.

A New Way-ve of Hiring

New faces were quickly filling our offices worldwide, so we decided to analyze overall internet and social media usage of every employee to better connect tenured and newer Fools. Interestingly, we found a statistically significant and direct correlation between our most successful employees and what we now refer to as “Having Internet Points” or “HIP” for short. After this new discovery, we developed a unique approach to how we hire Foolishly, and we’re excited to finally put it into action starting today.

It’s simple! Moving forward, all applicants will be ranked using a formula that calculates each individual’s HIP value. The higher your HIP, the more likely you’ll be hired! (You’re more likely to be more successful with a higher HIP value after all.) Here is the formula:

Candidate HIP Value =

[(Total # of Instagram Likes)*(Total # of Facebook Likes)*(Total # of Imgur Upvotes)] * [(Total # of Zoombie Stars)*(Total # of Slack :fire: Emoji)] – [(LinkedIn Profile Views) + π]

We found that these internet metrics had the biggest impact on HIP valuations, and by combining all of them into one simple formula, we are able to appropriately place candidates within HIPster into the below HIP ranges to make clearer and better informed hiring decisions.

Candidate HIP ValueHiring Decision Made
1993 and aboveAutomatic full-time offer to candidate
1235 to 1992Temp-to-Hire offer to candidate
315 to 1234Internship offer to candidate
94 to 314Ask to apply again after improving HIP value
Below 93Declination letter sent via snail mail

And that’s it!

You may be wondering why the total number of followers a candidate has aren’t included in the formula. Well, we actually do factor in a candidate’s following prestige on various platforms using a secret second formula within HIPster. Unfortunately, at this time, further information about said secret formula is non-public, and our Legal Team has advised us to change the subject whenever someone asks about it.

The era of resumes with work experience, interesting cover letters, and in-person interviews is long over. From our initial research, we know that we do not need to actually interact with candidates to make smart hiring decisions. In fact, also starting today, new employees will not interact with other Fools until their third day of employment, when they have fully immersed themselves in our tech systems and become experts in their roles.

As we move into this faster-paced hiring, HIPster, one simple formula, and AI-generated data will allow us to hire quickly and Foolishly. We wholeheartedly welcome this new stage of recruiting and are ready to see how today’s choices affect the tomorrow of our growing company.

HIP, HIP, hooray, Fools!

Way to Go, Daddy-O!

Ollen Douglass, former CFO of The Motley Fool and now Managing Director of Motley Fool Ventures, was honored last night at the Washington Business Journal’s Minority Business Leader Awards!  

Over his time at The Motley Fool, he navigated the ship through smooth and rough water and now he’s doing exciting—and unprecedented—work in the world of venture capital with Motley Fool Ventures.

Congrats, Daddy-O! You’re a true Fool who lives and breathes The Motley Fool’s purpose. It’s a joy and an honor to work alongside you.