Finding Writers from Our Own Community – Brilliant!

Smiles at the Holiday Party Many consumer-facing companies have the advantage of being able to hire from within their customer bases, and The Motley Fool is like them in that way. That is amazing actually. We can find people who are already passionate about what we do – they see the value in educating and helping others invest. Think about the value, though, that those customers also bring to you – having a new hire that knows and loves your business is like having a fashionista work in a retail store; the passion for clothes helps the store. The passion our members have for investing easily translates into strong employees. Our favorite candidates are the ones who are working with us on our message boards, live chats, and online feedback loops – those Fools out there that are already tapped into what we do on a day-to-day basis, and love it.

Even with all of that knowledge and online presence with us on and with our subscription-based newsletters, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a transition. Knowing The Motley Fool as a member is different from knowing us as an employee. It is sometimes hard to know a company like The Motley Fool, where our culture and internal community is of the highest importance. Therefore, we believe all of our hires benefit from spending time in our office, swimming in the flow, dancing to the rhythms of our jester drums, and eating Mary’s ridiculously scrumptious baked goods. It helps them understand our Foolish culture and be an accurate, passionate representative of that culture out in the world. With this thought in mind, it is an especially hard decision to hire freelance writers who will work in their Sponge Bob slippers from the comfort of their own home. So, even for our freelance writing positions, we have an in-house development program. We ask our pajama-wearing, home-working Fools to come hang with us for four to six months, learn our unique approach to investing, and connect with us in ways only attainable in our office. This idea comes as a surprise to most freelance writers, but they all agree that it is time and money well spent. After graduation from our in-house freelance writing program, we know that they are Foolish through-and-through, and welcome them to come back periodically to get a fresh dose of that crazy thing we define as Foolishness.

There is just something special about great cultures that need to be experienced in person.  I think I just claimed our culture as “great”.  Hmmmm…a tad cocky perhaps.  But, l can’t help it.  I love this place.

By the way, if you dig this, and feel like you have the writing chops and investing knowledge to help us produce articles for, take a look at the job posting for the Contributor Writer Development Program in the right nav for more details. We are currently hiring. If you’re hired, plan for cupcakes. Maybe throw a few extra workouts into your schedule. We’re just saying, it’s tasty around here.

3 thoughts on “Finding Writers from Our Own Community – Brilliant!

  1. Maybe it is cocky to call your culture great, but from what I’ve seen on it’s also pretty accurate. Keep up the great work!

    Also, I love cupcakes….

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