Is the Fool a great place to work? Have our Fools tell you firsthand…

Fools eating lunch It wouldn’t be the weirdest thing at The Fool to see people throwing Nerf balls or setting their pods up for a miniature golf tournament throughout the office.

It wouldn’t be peculiar to see desks being pushed toward the wall in a conference room, only to have a rapid-fire, ping pong ball machine setting on table and ready to make its next victim sweat for success.

And it definitely wouldn’t be out of this world if you saw crock pots of chili lined up for lunch – and a little bit of spicy competition.

These aspects of everyday Foolish life are amazing in themselves, but when people ask about what makes the Fool even more special, it isn’t any of these items…or the Pizza Day…or the Cake Day.

It’s the PEOPLE we work with every day, our fellow Fools.

At least for me, even if I am doing the most mundane, boring activities known to man – and I don’t actually do those things, but even if I did – I wouldn’t mind it because of the Fools I get to work with on a daily basis.

Take a look at this video, and you can see a bit about what we are talking about. This video was an intern project from last summer where we asked them to capture the reasons behind why our Fools loved coming to work every day. They did a fabulous job!

Working at The Fool

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