CEO Tom Gardner Talks Conscious Capitalism

Tom Gardner was interviewed by Professor R. Edward Freeman of the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business as part of a Coursera class called “New Models of Business in Society.” Watch him talk about how The Fool aims to be different from Wall Street and disrupt financial advice, unique ways we increase employee engagement, how we created our company values and live by them, and more!

3 thoughts on “CEO Tom Gardner Talks Conscious Capitalism

  1. Nice interview, speaks to what an outsider can see as conscious capitalism that seems to be standing the test of time since the Fool began in the 90’s. Would be great to review this segment in an academic setting with students I think, where one could take some of Tom’s points/notions and dig further into them a bit, especially Tom’s statement re: “If Privacy were a stock, I would be shorting it”. Ha! wow, just wow…that’s a fun one!
    I wonder if there’s a foolish segment that delves into this one further, would be an interesting conversation/analyst debate 🙂

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