Workplace Wellness Monthly Challenge: Sun’s Out, Guns Out

We have a pretty amazing (and award-winning) wellness program here at The Motley Fool. While most companies would be thrilled if even half of their company participated (considering the national median is around 40%) at the Fool, 9 out of 10 employees take advantage of some aspect of our wellness program.

Sam Whiteside, our Chief Wellness Officer, has found that monthly challenges are a great way to get people involved. Past challenges include setting goals around sleep, daily water intake, number of fruits and vegetables consumed, and squats.

For June, Sam brought back the push-up challenge. Which always gets a little crazy.

The Challenge: If Fools collectively do 100,000 pushups in the month of June, they will unlock a prize for two beloved coworkers—one gets a high tea at a spa and the other seats for a tennis tournament for two.

We have roughly 300 Fools around the globe and more than half pitched in with push-ups. Some departments even started challenging other departments to Bring Sally Up.

One Fool in particular, Johnnie Weathersby, has been knocking out more than a thousand push-ups a day. Since he’s on the BI team, he also tricked out our excel sheet for tracking.

With our target  just a few thousand push-ups away, a new stretch goal was introduced: If we collectively do 150,000 push-ups, Johnnie gets a trip to Nashville. (Luckily, we were also given 5 extra days).

Companywide challenges like this one are not only a great way to get people out of their chair and exercising, it also builds camaraderie, spurs friendly competition, and sends a few beloved Fools on fun adventures.

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