Intern Spotlight: Bryan Solvie

The Motley Fool is a (growing!) international enterprise that employs full-time Fools from around the world. Our Global team was happy to share some of the workload with an intern, and Bryan Solvie landed this summer’s coveted spot. Born and raised in Japan, Bryan brings an impressive skill set to the Fool that makes him a natural on our Global team.

Bryan Solvie: Global

A talented juggler and lover of 80’s music, Bryan is also a die-hard basketball fan who roots for the Phoenix Suns. Over the course of his Fool internship, Bryan will be focusing on ways to increase product awareness through SEO. He’s also working to organize media photos in one single, accessible spot. Considering his newfound interest in the market, Bryan has enjoyed talking stocks with Fool analysts – and his fellow interns!

Choosing a Motley value is up to individual Fools, and Bryan’s motto is inspired by his six-year-old toy poodle named Momo. Bryan strives to emulate Momo “by approaching every day with joy and excitement.” After his experience at the Fool, Bryan will return to UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce.

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