Intern Spotlight: Gabe Gardner

Before starting his senior year at UC Berkley, Gabe traveled to FoolHQ to work with our Executive Operations team. Throughout the summer, Gabe dedicated hours of research to new venture projects, and also helped our leadership team to prepare for July’s Board of Directors meeting. Gabe strengthened his project management skills and business development chops, not to mention his coding skills as a developer for the interns’ group website project.

Gabe has a bright future ahead. He loves to travel, and chose his personal Motley value to be “Awe: What keeps me going everyday is a curiosity and wonder for the extraordinary universe we have been graced to experience for a brief period of time.”

Gabe looks forward to completing a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Scandinavian studies, and plans to pursue a software engineering career in the Bay Area post-graduation. In his spare time, Gabe enjoys birdwatching (he keeps a list of every bird he’s ever seen!); playing video games; side programming projects; and working out once every two months.

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