Egg-tastic Times at the Fool

Company-wide challenges can bring awesome employee abilities to light, from impressive handwriting skills to puzzle-solving mastery and cooking talents — seriously, a chef-turned-Fool hosted a butchery course to much applause. When it comes to embracing office fun, Fools take competition very seriously. Monday’s celebration of all things spring didn’t disappoint, with activities inspiring egg-cellent examples of collaboration and creativity around the office.

The Peeps Diorama Contest showed so many different expressions of Foolish culture, including Pizza Day, Motley Fool Answers, unique workspaces, and dynamic Member Services practices. With advance notice, teams of four were able to strategize unique, Peep-only designs. While rules rarely apply at the Fool, participants were asked to incorporate company traditions, core values, and best Golden Rule practices into displays. No Fools held back, prepared with only the best works for Monday’s voting.

Check out a few of our favorite Peep Dioramas:

Another exciting competition filled the afternoon, with Fools gathering for the Egg Drop Contest on our 2nd Floor. Efforts to build as much safety as possible into each device seemed successful. Only one egg broke! And that was after we moved to the fifth-floor balcony.

We had an egg hunt and lots of treats to eat, but it was our core values of collaboration, innovation, and competition that really shone. Next year’s Diorama entries have a lot to live up to!

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