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When it comes to core values, “Motley” stays open to interpretation – and that’s a good thing! Our Motleys are like mantras, set purposefully by individual employees. Viewed at large, Motley values represent a diverse crew of Fools contributing to one purpose: Helping the world invest – better.

What’s your motto? A Fool’s Motley might be similar! Employees recently took to David Gardner’s Rule Breaker Investing podcast to dive into the topic, and definitions across the board painted so many versions of Foolishness. Listen to our co-founder discuss interpretations, from his own Motley (Excelsior — “Ever higher”) to others, on this podcast episode. Determining a Motley ultimately relies on personality, though some factors could be considered:

* How it connects to success.
* Value(s) it represents.
* What it communicates about personal goals or visions.

Times change, and so can Motleys! Fools have the option to change this value at any point. To celebrate last week’s “Refresh Your Motley Day,” Fools posted individual Motleys in a dedicated Slack channel. Here are a few testimonials worth sharing:

“Laugh your way through life.” Try to look on the optimistic side of things. Stuff is rarely as bad as we think. Nobody gets out of this journey alive, so have fun along the way and try to see the humor (even if it’s only ironic humor) in each situation.

The more, the merrier! More feedback, more learning, more discussions, more more trying. All of those things make my work better and make me better.

Skate to the Puck — pursue, persist, and add value above and beyond what is expected.

Updating my Motley to Yato dharma, Sthato jaya. It’s a Sanskrit phrase from the Bhagavad Gita that essentially translates to, “Where there is dharma and right action, there is victory.” To me, this philosophy jives with Foolishness and the Golden Rule, and for me is a guiding principle for interacting with our members and all of our stakeholders.

Our refreshing Motley chat conveniently coincided with Cake Day, too!

Fools take Motley values seriously, like the rest of our core principles. While simultaneously connecting to our purpose, Motley encourages Fools to bring their entire selves to work. The Fool aims to “shine brightness on what is best about our people while cultivating the conditions for any organizational value system to live, breathe, and flourish.” Employee engagement is just one factor in managing a happy, healthy, MOTLEY workplace!

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