As always, our top priority is the well-being of our employees and the communities we serve, including YOU, our current and prospective job candidates. Here’s what has changed- and what hasn’t- about recruiting at The Motley Fool during this COVID-19 outbreak.

We are continuing to hire globally for our open positions. Yep, the proverbial light is on and we are still reading stacks of resumes every day. Our process has adapted- not quite the “glow up” we were hoping for, but we’re enjoying the challenge. All of our recruiting and onboarding processes are fully virtual. All candidate interviews will take place via phone or Zoom, and we’ve gotten pretty good at onboarding our New Fools remotely, too.

If we have the pleasure of meeting you on Zoom, please pardon the puppy on our lap or the occasional toddler introducing themselves on camera. They’re part of our Fool family, and they’re a little unpredictable. And don’t worry, we know your home might be a little fuller than usual, too. The extra noise and cameo appearances don’t phase us at all. We’re looking forward to meeting you, virtually!

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