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There’s no universal recipe for success. Every business requires different ingredients; a plan that’s appetizing to one culture can fall flat somewhere else. Incorporating responsibility and self-awareness into our culture has created winning results, and despite what the game room might lead you to believe, Fools actually work really hard.

Trust is key in sustaining the healthy workplace we’ve shaped since 1993. Decisions tied to happiness are left to the individual Fool, which builds a mutually beneficial relationship between employees and our business. When Fools are content, they’re likely to be more excited about their job. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers, who in turn take care of shareholders. Here at the Fool, you can start the day later or rise with the birds. You’ve got it, Fool – and we trust you!

Location, Location…Motivation

Fool HQ is located in historic Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, right across from the King Street Metro station. We subsidize a portion of public transportation and parking costs, plus we have discounted rates on Zipcars. Should you decide to bike from your home, we have a spot on our bike rack waiting! The Fool wants to make commuting something you can look forward to every day.

A Fool’s work is never done, but that doesn’t mean we work all the time. Most of our employees start their day between 8-10 a.m., and many Fools have a standard 40-hour workweek. We recognize that everyone is different, so staying flexible is important. By collaborating with your team, you can tailor your schedule to meet specific demands.

Health/Vision/Prescription/Dental Care

The Fool offers comprehensive health, vision, prescription, and dental coverage through a PPO plan. If you elect coverage for yourself, it’s only $4 per paycheck ($1.90 for health/prescription, $0.10 for vision, and $2 for dental)! Benefits are even effective on your date of hire.

Vacation/Sick Policy

The Fool’s vacation/sick policy is pretty straightforward: take what you need. That’s right, as long as you get your work done and consult with your supervisor in advance (if you’re going to be sick, we’d like to know in advance, but we understand it doesn’t always work that way…unfortunately…), you may take any reasonable amount of time off. With pay, of course. Huh? Flexible paid time off? What’s the catch? Well… nothing, actually. Fools treat themselves, their company and their co-workers with fairness and respect, so you will not abuse such a wonderfully Foolish benefit.


Parental Leave Policy

We love to see mini-Fools brought into the world! New moms and dads need time to take care of their little bundles of joy, so we offer 16 weeks paid leave for Foolish moms and dads. We offer discounts at local daycares, plus parents receive $200 to use toward their new family member (or themselves — we won’t judge). We’ve also partnered with a local daycare Bright Horizons for a Foolish discounted rate. The Fool also offers flex spending for dependent-care expenses.


We follow the New York Stock Exchange. And, being in the DC area has it perks as there is at least one holiday that we have off when everyone else is working.

Dress Code

Anything goes, even white shoes before Memorial Day. We really only have three types of unacceptable dress here at the Fool: Viking helmets with strapless evening gowns; plaid with polka-dots; more than three colors not found in nature.

Financial Benefits

*Paychecks: Fools are paid semi-monthly.
*401K Plan: Currently, we have 21 different funds to choose from as well as the option to participate in a self-directed brokerage account. The Motley Fool matches employee contributions at the rate of 2% up to the first 1%, up to 9% of contributions. This match vests over 4 years (25/25/25/25).
*Disability Insurance: The Fool provides coverage for both short-term and long-term disability.
*Life Insurance: You’re given up to $100,000 for both life and accidental death and dismemberment.
*Subsidies: We partner with local businesses to offset lifestyle costs.
*Flexible Spending: The Fool offers medical flex spending.
*Fool Dollars: We give you $100/month to purchase the benefits you like. We can’t do benefits for everything, so you choose!
*Mobile Phone Coverage: We give you $80/month to cover your cell phone bill.
*Financial Planning: We have our own in-house financial planners, willing to meet with you personally — for free!
*Foolish Services and Products: You’ll have access to all Foolish services and products.
*Fool in Need: If you’ve found yourself in a financially stressful situation, the Fool will help. All requests are kept confidential, and we see this as a gift, not a loan.


It’s a fact: Healthy employees are happy and more productive. The Fool is really into wellness — so much so that we staff a full-time certified personal trainer to lead our Foolish Fitness program. Though free classes like boot camps and yoga are offered downstairs, our wellness goals are about more than just sweating. A few of our unique health benefits include:

*Subsidized Massages: A licensed massage therapist provides services in our office twice a week. It’s only $8 for 20 minutes and $15 for 40 minutes. Also, we have two amazing massage chairs that don’t need to be reserved.
*Open Gym at OneLife Fitness: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we rent out an open court across the street from FoolHQ and play basketball, soccer, and floor hockey on a rotational basis. We also offer discounted gym memberships there!
*Free In-House Health Classes: Thanks to our Head Wellness Fool, spin classes and kettlebell workouts are available without any expensive gym fees. FoolHQ is equipped with stationary bikes (and speakers to blast the best playlists!), free weights, foam rollers, yoga mats, and more to ensure that wellness can be personalized to any level.
*Health Fair: We host an annual health fair with flu shots, screenings, assessments, and free swag!
*Clubs: Fools run an array of active clubs that range from knitting to hiking to kickball.
Healthy Snacks: Our café is stocked with free snacks including fresh vegetables, fruit, yogurts, and hummus spreads throughout the week. We also have vending machines with healthy options at low prices.

Continuing Education

We believe that expanding employee knowledge is essential to driving creativity, problem solving, and overall job satisfaction. Since launching our dynamic Speaker Series program in 2008, we’ve hosted a roster of amazing guests including:

*Jack Bogle, Founder of Vanguard
*Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX
*Billy Blanks, Founder of Tae Bo
*Adam Braun, CEO of Pencils of Promise
*Kate White, Former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine
*Alexis Ohanian, Founder of Reddit
*Kip Tindell, Co-Founder and CEO of The Container Store
*Amy Simmons, Founder of Amy’s Ice Cream

In exchange for hard work, we take really good care of our employees. Some special benefits we offer:

*Every Fool an Investor: Every Fool is given $1,000 to buy shares of a public company. Not loaned — given. The purpose of this $1,000 is to help Fools become better investors and smarter businesspeople.
*Bookie Monster: As part of the Foolish learning journey, we’re willing to buy employees’ books. This includes any book – seriously! Wuthering Heights? Frankenstein? The Essential Drucker? Check, check, check!
*FoolU: Our internal university plays a role in onboarding, allowing tenured employees to explain the Fool’s business model, subscription services, and company history to new hires. Other events are also organized during the year, like analyst-led investing classes, cooking demos, and Financial Health Day.
*Project-Based Performance: Here at the Fool, your career can be what you make it. The Fool moves to the rhythm of our business, and internal roles can be created to fill voids. Though individual job responsibilities sometimes shift, being assigned to meaningful projects is a good thing. We believe that hard work should be rewarded, and Fools that consistently produce results stand out. A hand in something that affects the business could lead to career advancements, and maybe even the job of your dreams!
*Tuition Reimbursement: We reimburse tuition costs up to $5,250 per calendar year.
*Conference Subsidies: We want you to network and learn, so we’ll cover all costs for relevant conferences and workshops. (SXSW and PyCon are some of our employee favorites!)
Library: Feel free to borrow any book you would like from the library. As long as you take a book and return it to the appropriate section/category, we’ll have happy librarians.

The Motley Fool operates as a community where employees are coworkers and friends. Events like Thirsty Thursday happy hours, National Mall Segway tours, and summer kayak outings allow Fools to bond and enjoy a good time together. Other benefits we like to show off:

*Peternity: We know it takes time to get into a routine with your new pet. It also takes time for your pet to adjust to living with you. Work with your team and feel free to take up to a week off to spend that first week at home with your pet.
*Sabbatical: You’ll be granted a paid sabbatical for up to eight weeks after you’ve completed ten years of service.
* Birthdays: We also want you to celebrate one other special occasion. The day that changed your parents’ life forever … your birthday! So enjoy the day celebrating yourself.

But there’s more!

*Monthly all-Fool activities (camping, theatre, skiing, etc.)
*Birthday Celebration Day (first Friday of every month)
*Pizza Day (last Friday of every month)
*Mani-Pedi Day (once-a-month)
*Haircuts (once-a-month)
*Fooliversaries – a celebration of your anniversary with the Fool

No matter where you are in your career path, The Motley Fool offers ample opportunities for personal and professional development. We provide a foundation for continuous education in a culture of respect, transparency, competition, and fun.

64 thoughts on “Fool Benefits

  1. I see that you have a few editor positions open. Is it possible to have these be primarily offsite? I live in Ohio and freelance and would love to work with your company.

  2. Just finished submitting my application for the Marketing Designer position. I definitely enjoyed the humor in the application form. I’d like to send a shout out to all the robots, morlocks, cyborgs, (and most importantly) replicants out there.

  3. Wow, pretty extensive list. I think it is the little details that really set you apart and show how much thought you’ve put into this and you employee’s well being:

    Maternity/Paternity: Plus $200 of take-out meals at the Fool’s expense.

  4. Always admired how the Fool does business. Moved to Alexandria four months ago and look forward to applying to the Marketing Coordinator. Fingers crossed!

    1. Hey Carlos, thanks for your inquiry. In our Alexandria, VA headquarters, all employees must have eligibility to work in the US. For our UK and other positions, requirements are generally posted within the particular job listing.

  5. I have been supremely amused and hello beyond impressed in my travels on your website so far, and all that you offer to potential employees! It’s a match made in fool heaven for me so far for a plethora(my favorite word) of reasons, and we’ll see if I’m a fit for any role yalls’ yuuns’ yuuts you guys got goin’ there. I’m excited to check this out, and here’s hopin’ you’ll like sumpin’ you see…Have a foolicious day!

  6. I see that the customer service positions are no longer available, will this position be available again in the near future? I have years of customer service experience. Also do you have a tv/film department? I have a indie background aswell as some mainstream experience in that.

    1. We have filled the customer service positions, but keep an eye out for positions like this with us in the future. We do have a tv/film department, but we don’t have any openings there at this time.

  7. I fear that I have been a victim of the “Black Hole”… I see that the Financial Editor/Analyst positions are still open (via the Jobs RSS feed) – is there another mode which I could use to speak with someone at the Fool directly?

  8. Mr. Burbage, earlier in May I sent to your attention copies of two nutrition booklets I’ve authored. This was in response to the article, “How to have a healthier office” where Motely Fool was featured. Congrats on your bootcamps, onsite and open gym, and weekly fitness classes. If I didn’t already run a thriving business, I’d want to come work with you! 🙂 Wanted to follow up but can’t locate a phone number. Can you please get in touch or point me in the right direction to connect with you (in addition to here, of course)? Thanks so much.

  9. You guys rock! Do you have any intern positions available working for the financial analysts? Joe Magyer in particular, I think he’s especially brilliant.

  10. Hi Motley fools lol,

    I just appiled for the desktop administrator position in Alexandria, VA. Hopefully everything works out, i look forward to working with you guys and gals.

    Alright well back to the foolery lol

  11. The benefits for this company are absolutely phenomenal. On top of the humor that comes along with the job ad, Im already excited to be considered for the “Executive Assistant” position that I just applied for. More businesses should incorporate this type of energy and the turn over rate in offices all over the US would decrease dramatically. I look forward to a favorable response in regards to the position.

  12. Wow….sounds like an incredible place to work. I saw your opening for an event coordinator and I am extremely interested in the position. I applied online and would love the chance of speaking with you further. This company seems like the perfect match for my personality and skills.

  13. Hello! I’m a software engineer of 11 years who choose to stay at home with her children for what has now been quite a while. I recently passed the Series 7 and 66 so I could go to work for a well-known full-service brokerage firm, but soon found that a sales job was not for me.
    I have a dream to help real people grow their finances through apps and mobile computing. Is there a place for me at TMF?
    Many thanks–

  14. Hello! I’m a software engineer of 11 years who choose to stay at home with her children for what has now been quite a while. I recently passed the Series 7 and 66 so I could go to work for a well-known full-service brokerage firm, but soon found that a sales job was not for me.
    I have a dream to help millions of people grow their finances through apps and mobile computing. Is there a place for me at TMF?
    Many thanks–

    1. Connie, maybe you should… umm… Apply? Or if you think posting a plea on a comments section is adequate, perhaps you’re not cut for to work at TMF

  15. Just sent in my info for the Events Coordinator position! So excited about the possible opportunity to thrive in this awesome company culture! Feel free to contact me 😉 I have five adventurous years of experience in both the nonprofit and private sector as an event/program coordinator, marketing assistant and manager.



  16. I love the products and services Montley Fool provides for investors of “any kind”. I am interested in what positions Montley Fool will have available in the near future for an individual with a degree in Finance and a sales background. Thanks in advance for your time.


    Vasili Nikolaev

  17. I notice you publish many excellent articles from Demand Media Studios. Do you ever directly hire freelance writers who happen to write for DMS?

  18. Working at Motley Fool would be a dream environment. I’m looking for a place that values a work/life balance and truly appreciates the diversity of it’s employees. I’m an Accounting Supervisor with 15 years of experience so if you ever need an extra hand at keeping track of the books, I’m your girl!! Just reading the information on your website makes me happy!

  19. Hey There-

    I just finished applying for the Office Dynamo position. If by chance, someone else is so lucky to get that gig, I would so love to have the opportunity to drop in your office to get a physical glimpse of your world! I’m looking forward to your invite and hope to hear from you soon. Smile.

    1. Hey omgggg I was just on this website reading because a friend of mine told me to go on here… and scrolled down and saw your name…this is crazy…anyway would love to talk to you …..get back to me on here…I don’t want to leave my info until you get in touch… and like you are the only person in the world with this name.

  20. Good Evening fellow wanna be Fools!!

    I have to say, I am utterly thrilled about the potential to be a Fool. I must say I’ve just submitted my application for the Human Resource position with Motley Fool and I actually have butterflies about getting a call back. I am a recent international H.R. grad and can’t believe that a position has come available at the Fool that I am 100% qualified for and more. I have roots with this site from my years of Undergrad and have always remembered the Fool fondly. Well, I look forward to my phone call back and really can’t wait to potentially become a Fool!!!

  21. Since you’re not very proud of your address, pls tell me where the King Street Metro station is located so I can find you.

  22. Hi my name is Greg Brenner. I am currently pursuing a MS in Mining Engineering with emphasis on Public Health and Safety. It sounds like an odd background, I know but my true passion has been in financials. I have been trading stocks for almost 7 years now and have been an active fool for at least half of those years. I am looking at the jobs listed above and not sure quite which one would fit my resume. I am proficient sorting any sort of data and possess good people skills. However, my best skills are not wearing white shoes before Memorial Day!

  23. Hi,
    I am Software QA analyst for more than 7 years. Currently i live in Alexandria, VA. Recently i heard this company name from one of my collique and I want to work for this company.


  24. Just applied for the position of Executive Assistant Fool! I’ve got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed 😛

  25. I just applied for the position of Executive Assistant. To those who applied before and after me…better luck next time foolish fools. This one is all mine. I am going to love working for the Fools so they better hurry and call me before someone else does.

  26. Sorry Janet. Unless you’ve been hired, that job has been removed from the list and has probably been filled. 🙁

    1. Often times we remove a job because we have a large number of applicants. It does not always mean it has been filled. We try very hard to get back to all applicants. Closing jobs after we reach a critical mass of applications allows us to better respond to anyone who applied.

      Lee Burbage | People & Culture | The Motley Fool!

  27. What A Place To Work!
    Wish I was more into those fields, however I do subscribe to your services and I love how you guys explain to the world how to invest!!
    Thank You!!

  28. What a amazing company !!! I’m a Mechanic and overseas contractor. Wish I had the skills to apply with your company !!

  29. I applied for the Video Editor position. This company is just the company i have been looking to join for the longest time. hope i get the great opportunity to interview so i can then become a FOOL

  30. Have you ever thought about creating an e-book or
    guest authoring on other websites? I have a blog based on the same subjects you discuss and would
    really like to have you share some stories/information.
    I know my visitors would enjoy your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot
    me an email.

  31. Any chance it’s a pet-friendly environment? I noticed the Vet Insurance which is fantastic, but putting in some long hours while leaving a 4 legged friend at home for long periods can be rough (no pun intended).

  32. Hi I just applied to be a finance fool, I hope I get the opportunity! Looks like a great opportunity.Hop I become a fool. Melaney

  33. Reading about the company culture and benefits made me so excited, I applied to be an analyst fool! Here’s hoping I get a call for an interview and can impress with my awesomeness!

  34. I just submitted my application for the data analyst position at Alexandria office. I’m eager to work there after learned about this company. I literally can take a job scrubbing the floor there.

  35. I submitted an application for the Controller position! After reading more about The Fool and learning of the culture, this place IS the best place to work!!! I love the vibe and positive employer/employee relationship! Hope I get an opportunity to interview. Thanks!

  36. Do you ever hire recovering mothers? I would never, ever take time off for maternity leave or school plays 🙂

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    written article. I will be sure tto bookmark iit and return to read
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    i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me
    to grab your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post.
    Thanks a million and please keep up the enjoyable work.

  39. I am so hoping to be able to work for the Fool. If everything on this benefits page the is true, this is most awesome company ever!!!! I submitted a general app but would love to work in Marketing, Customer Service or as a writer.

  40. I was listening to NPR talk show this morning. A wonderful company. I wish you all success in the future.

  41. I’ve been a long-time reader of TMF. I really enjoy the content. Quick question – for the Freelance Writer/Analyst position, is the candidate required to work in the Alexandria office or is it a remote position?


  42. Just finished applying to be a Customer Service Fool and it looks like an absolute dream job! Among a cornucopia of other things, the library, Bookie Monster and Knitting club benefits make me so excited I just can’t believe it. Hope to meet you soon!


    A pleased-as-punch potential employee (but some people call me Jennifer)

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